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  • John Corlis

    John Corlis

    "Owl," said Rabbit shortly, "you and I have brains. The others have fluff. If there is any thinking to be done in this Forest--you and I must do it." A.A.Milne

  • Alisha Wheatley

    Alisha Wheatley

  • Penguin Random House

    Penguin Random House

    Penguin Random House, Inc., the world’s largest English language trade publisher, bringing you the best in fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books.

  • Jeff Gamble, PhD

    Jeff Gamble, PhD

    Founder & CTO @rezilienthealth

  • Penguin Press

    Penguin Press

    Ideas that matter, storytelling that lasts. Award-winning fiction and nonfiction.

  • Steven Johnson

    Steven Johnson

    Writer. 13 books. (Latest: Extra Life.) TV/Podcast Host (Extra Life, American Innovations.) Brooklyn/Marin. Speech inquiries: wesn at leighbureau dot com.

  • Manu Stephen

    Manu Stephen

    CEO at Inventr (https://inventr.co). Always excited by groundbreaking technologies. Always in search of the best burger.

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